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A Creators New Best Friend?

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Well… this isn’t my first drone, I’ve owned a Phantom two paired with a GoPro Hero 4 black for almost 2 years now – not that you would know because I never take it anywhere! It’s massive and to be honest a pain in the ass.

Earlier this week I picked up a DJI Mavic Pro, I’ve been wanting to buy one since they were released but couldn’t justify spending $2200 – I picked this one up for $1750 with only one battery discharge and the fly more combo (winning). I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for camera gear and it hasn’t disappointed.

I’m a bit late here, but something that can fit in your pocket, shoot 4k footage and fly for over 20 minutes is a no brainer. I should have bought this drone earlier for sure. Below are some shots of yesterday’s flight.


The day after I bought the drone I ordered a 3 pack of the Polar Pro filters, filters are a must when flying – if it’s a bright day and your shutter speed is to high you’ll suffer from a ‘jello’ effect. The ND filters block the light, lowering your cameras shutter speed smoothing out the footage.

I’ve flown the Mavic twice now, it’s so much more nimble than the old Phantom. With the Phantom 2 not connecting to a phone it’s quite different not having to guess what you’re filming. Below are some graded screen grabs for the flights. I’ve also included graded vs ungraded photos.

Having not wrote a blog post since January, the Mavic has certainly got me excited about shooting more content for myself! Stay tuned

AE86 Version 2.0 Teaser | Hachiroku ハチロク

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If you’ve been subscribed to my Youtube channel for a while you would have seen Brodie’s driving and also his SR20 powered AE86 Sprinter.

Currently, his AE86 is a bare shell with a freshly welded in CAMS cage, it’s not often you get to see a car re-built from the ground up so we took the opportunity and started filming!

Our goal is to create a three part video series:

#1 – Finishing off the metal work, cage, tube front end, custom rear end etc.

 #2 – Bodywork, paint and prep work and body kit.

#3 – Finishing the car, getting it rolling, dash setup, fuel setup, engine back in etc.

There is also potential for a forth video depending on how popular these become!

 I hope you guys like the teaser! We’ve filmed the entire first video and starting the second soon.

Stay tuned.

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 MUSIC: Idols (Intro) by Hurley Mower


VicDrift Championship Round 5 – 2016 | Final Fight

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Saturday, October 8th, 2016 was VicDrift’s final championship round at Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne.

The layout was held on the national track running it backward and then towards the crowd and into the thunder dome. This layout was perfect for the chase car, with a loose mid line around the first turn then outa clipping point coming in front of the crowd.

I’ve never been to a VicDrift night round and it was awesome, a long day but there was a pretty sweet light show at night!


All We Need – Odesza Instrumental

Tenkkeys – Spark Master Tape

Weak – Hurley Mower

Congratulations to the winners:

1st: Jason Ferron

2nd: Andrew Woolfe

3rd: Matt Russell

4th: Michael Bonney

Shout out to Jess for filming with me on the day.

Hope you enjoy!

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Domain Hill Climb 2016 | Taylor Wright 180sx

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Last week I entered my first hill climb event! A hill climb is a timed run to the top of a hill or end of a track – quickest time in your class wins.

I came 3rd in my class, 5th overall and won driver of the day which was awesome.

The car is obviously setup for drifting so it wasn’t ideal but it’s some of the most fun I’ve had in the car. Next time I might actually check my tire pressures before driving and put some better rubber on.

Hope you enjoy!

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31JZ Wagz – Jason Ferron Drift | Calder Park Raceway

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Meet Jason and his 1JZ powered R31 Skyline Wagon, if you didn’t notice from the video Jason spends a lot of his free time making his wagon does hard!

Hope you enjoy.

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Song: Life Moves Pretty Fast by Peter Kuli


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2016 VicDrift Championship Round 3 | Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne

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Sunday, July 24th, 2016 was Round 3 of the Victorian Drift Series!

Once again it was held at Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne.

The round was the original ADGP layout, a fast scando entry into a left-hand corner, up the bank to the wall then a couple of manji’s to finish it off.

The day went sweet (One I finally got there, two canceled flights within two days was not ideal haha)

I was lucky enough for the weather to hold out also which was awesome.

Congratulations to the winners:

1st: Michael Bonney

2nd: Jason Ferron

3rd: John Dreyer

4th: Warwick Fitzgerald

Shoutout to Jess for filming with me on the day, and also Hawks for giving me a place to stay Sunday night once my flight was canceled.

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Taylor Wright Symmons Plains Drift | Qualified 3rd, Finished 3rd | VIDEO

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Last weekend was Drifting Tasmania’s Round 2 for 2016! Sorry for the delayed video, I’ve been trying to smash out some other projects before I do my own work.

I qualified 3rd for the day, both my runs felt terrible. The first run I spun on the last corner and the next I took it easy but it must have been online like the judges wanted.

Top 16 battle was against a guy called Craig, never met him before and he was a legend! It was also his first battle and he did awesomely. Lead run was spot on.

Top 8 was against Brendon Langdon in his R31 Skyline, has a gnarly sounding V8 in it also. I didn’t realize how much power it had until he left me for dead haha.

Top 4 was against Josh How, can never seem to get by this guy! I screwed up my lead run getting a little excited on the last corner throwing myself into the kitty litter.

The battle for 3rd was against Brendan Mansfield in a borrowed S13. If you watch closely in the video I get way too excited on the last corner. I held the car pinned with the clutch still in…. awesome work Taylor haha.

Overall I finished 3rd for the day and I think I’ve finally got Symmons plains Raceway sorted!

Thank you to Matt Boer from Inmotion Motorsport for the thumbnail photo.

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Also, thank you to LJ Hooker Hobart and Mates Rates Towing for the support this season!



2016 VicDrift Championship Round 2 | Calder Park Thunderdome, Melbourne

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Sunday, May 29th, 2016 VicDrift held Round 2 of the Victorian Drift Championship at Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne.

Round 2 was running on the ‘FD’ style a layout with a sweet up-bank entry onto a wall then into a technical tight section to finish off the track in front of the crowd.

I’m super pumped to be invited back for the third year running, always awesome catching up with everyone.

Congratulations to the winners:

1st: Stirling Wright

2nd: Khudr Elhaouli

3rd: Jason Ferron

4th: Michael Prosenik

Shout out to Richard and Jess for filming with me on the day!


The first song is Flurry by Hurley Mower – https://soundcloud.com/nedmowermusic/flurry

The second song is by a local Tassie band Luca Brasi – Aeroplane


Go buy their music!

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Sigma 24mm f/1.4 ART | Buy Or Not?

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 To buy or not to buy…

Once again Sigma has lured me in! After purchasing their 35mm 1.4 ART lens in October last year the thing doesn’t leave my camera. It’s an awesome lens and I’d much prefer it over a 50mm. To me a 50mm lens is awkward, I can never seem to get enough in the shot and after I crop/edit the photo the way I want the look I need just isn’t there.

I sold my 24-105mm f/4 a couple of months ago in order to buy a 24mm prime but then the drifitng season started and my money went straight to tyres, fuel and entry fee’s haha. This was about the time the Sigma 24mm hit the market so I was tossing up between Sigma and Canon.

I finally had a chance to test the Sigma 24mm yesterday! It’s very similar to my 35mm but a little shorter with a bit more girth. It feels way better the 35mm and not an awkward skinny lens. The results are similar also in the image, awesome contrast and a sweet depth of field (even for a wide angle lens)

The above shot is at f/1.6 and it’s still really sharp… It missed focus a little by going too far but that can be adjusted on my 5Dmkiii. The 24mm is crazy, depth of field plus wide angle gives a really good seperation between the focus point and the background, much better than the 35mm in my opinion.

For just under $1000 I think I will buy this lens, even though I haven’t tested the Canon I have a feeling this is better. It does lack a high aperture which suchs (Use a high aperture when panning with a low shutter speed) but a ND will fix that and it does lack weather sealing… lets hope I don’t get it too wet!

View the Hi-Res image here – https://www.flickr.com/photos/25614686@N03/17697358309/sizes/o/