Oh hi!

So you’ve found our about page. There’s really not much ‘our’, my name is Taylor Wright and I’m 24 years old from Australia. Thank you for checking out what I do!

In 2012 I had the opportunity with my friend Brodie to travel to Japan and experience a Ebisu Circuit Drift Masturi, I always had an interest in drifting but really didn’t think I’d ever be involved in it.

I created a video from our trip and that really set things off for me. My first video ended up being shared through most online drift forums and Facebook pages which set me up to where I am now.

I created BROKENIMAGE later that year, purchased tickets back to Japan where I bought a R32 Skyline and sold my car back home to buy a Nissan 180sx to drift at the track. I was broke but pumped on creating content and driving. After that I drove a Subaru Sherpa around for a year just to put that in perspective hahaha.

My Skyline is now sold but I still have my 180sx here in Australia, you can check that out HERE. If you’re thinking of heading to Ebisu Circuit or Japan feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Be sure to check out our friends below and my social media links below that. There’s plenty on my Youtube Channel to keep you going!

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