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October 2015

Taylor Wright | Drifting Tasmania Round 4 2015 In 4K | Baskerville Raceway

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I’m Taylor Wright, 22 years old from Australia and a SR20 powered RPS13/180sx.

Saturday was round 4 of the Tasmanian drift championship, I was lucky enough to borrow one of the new GoPro and played with it in 4K (Thanks Ben!) Make sure you hit that 4K button.

My car was feeling awesome, I had my exhaust leaks all fixed up and car wheels aligned earlier in the week which helped heaps.

I qualified 5th with 2 runs that felt pretty solid and in my top 16 battle I was up against Paul Austin in the 2JZ S13. We went to a rerun after we both made some errors in the first battle, he ended up spinning at the top of the hill giving me the win.

Top 8 battle was against Rowan Bailey in his 1JZ R32, he beat me last time we drove together. I ended top going through after it being pretty close I think!

Top 4 was against Tom Saboss in his mental 600hp V8 S13. He was nice enough to lend me some wheels and tyres for the battle. My chase run I kept close pretty close with him and in the Tom’s lead he dropped back a little giving me the win.

Final battle was against Josh How in his turbo 4age KE70 corolla, the thing is so quick! No idea how he does it. I wasn’t quite close enough in my chase and when leading Josh was all over me handing him the win.

Pretty stoked to end up with 2nd place for the day and my highest ever qualifying 😀

I hope you enjoy!

Filmed on a GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition.

Thank you to Matt from Inmotion Motorsport for the thumbnail photo!

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