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February 2015

PHOTOSET – Type X RPS13 Build Progress

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Finally all parts have arrived to finish off my car! Front guards took longer than expected and instead of going metal I went with Kmak Aero’s + 27mm non vented guards. Unsure if I will regret fibre glass guards but we’ll see!
One advantage to fibreglass I noticed is it holds the front bar alot better, the metal guards seem to flex letting the bar droop but the fibre glass being quite solid holds the bar in a better postion.

I’m so stoked with how the Type X copy kit turned out, it’s from JSAI Aero in NSW and the quality is amazing. So much better than the Kmak guards I purchased. Thanks Josh!

Oh yeah… I decided to go wide body. Two reasons. #1 – My wheels will actually fit without a stupid amount of camber. #2 – I save money on the massive dent on the LHS of the car, I don’t have to get it repaired šŸ˜€ Win!
The wide body guards are +30mm OriginĀ copies, I think they are from Viva Garage a long time ago! They fit good, I will take them to the fibre shop and get them fixed up a little and the body line taken out. Same with the front guards!

All I need to do now is get the dent pulled out a little to line up the over fender, roll my guards so I can lower the car more and so its hard against the over fenders (I don’t want to chop my guards so rolling them should work okay)

Then I need to finish the prep for paint, and paint it! At the moment it’s money restricting me from taking it to the body works haha.

JZX 100 Ebisu Circuit

Wangan Warriors Guest Blog | Featuring Brokenimage

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Last month I was asked by one of the members from Wangan Warriors in Europe to create a guest blog about myself, Brokenimage and what we do! I can’t thank the guys enough for noticing my work and reaching out to me for the oppotunity. Here’s a short piece from the blog –

“I first took an interest to the automotive scene in 2011. My friend Brodie Moore competed in the local drift series here in Tasmania. This lead to me getting a passenger ride in his mental SR powered AE86 and I was hooked. Since then I have traveled to Japan with Brodie five times, shooting and drifting my missile R32 Skyline at Ebisu Circuit.”

You can view the full blog post on their website, follow the link HERE

Engagement Photoshoot In Los Angeles!

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In October when I was in Los Angeles Drew from OMGDrift.com organsied a photoshoot for their friends engagement! I have never really gone out of my way to photograph people before, and never thought I’d be doing an engagement shoot in LA.

We headed out to a National park north of LA (I think, I honestly had the most whack sense of direction in LA, I’m usually pretty good with that sort of thing!) The national park was really cool with an amazing back drop.

Overall the shoot was super fun, looking at the photos on camera I was pleased but far from stoked. Once we got back to Drews and I color graded a couple I was pumped with how some came out! Anyway, I’llĀ let the photos speak for themselves, enjoy!