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I Accidentally Found Fuji Speedway?!

By January 12, 2018Photo

Late in 2017, I visited Japan again, I had never explored anywhere other than Tokyo and the areas around Ebisu Circuit. We had a spare day in Tokyo, so we decided to grab a hire car and drive around the base of Mount Fuji.

I did some research the day before to find some cool roads to drive, I ended up picking one called Mikuni Pass. It was awesome! Super tight roads up over the hills then it opens up on the other side as you come down with views of Mount Fuji and the lake below.

Mikuni Pass Mount Fuji

Oh yeah, and we accidentally found Fuji Speedway…

It was just luck that Mikuni Pass started around Fuji Speedway and we drove past it. I really should have done a little more research haha. Finding Fuji Speedway made my day, the main track had some circuit cars driving around it and up top the drift circuit was open. Here are some images below!

Full Speedway

R32 Skyline at Fuji Speedway

R32 Skyline at Fuji Speedway

Fuji Speedway

Laurel Fuji Speedway


AE86 Fuji Speedway

I think next time I’ll do some more research! We were super lucky to just drive past the track.

Thanks for reading! Until next time.