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April 2017

A Creators New Best Friend?

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Well… this isn’t my first drone, I’ve owned a Phantom two paired with a GoPro Hero 4 black for almost 2 years now – not that you would know because I never take it anywhere! It’s massive and to be honest a pain in the ass.

Earlier this week I picked up a DJI Mavic Pro, I’ve been wanting to buy one since they were released but couldn’t justify spending $2200 – I picked this one up for $1750 with only one battery discharge and the fly more combo (winning). I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for camera gear and it hasn’t disappointed.

I’m a bit late here, but something that can fit in your pocket, shoot 4k footage and fly for over 20 minutes is a no brainer. I should have bought this drone earlier for sure. Below are some shots of yesterday’s flight.


The day after I bought the drone I ordered a 3 pack of the Polar Pro filters, filters are a must when flying – if it’s a bright day and your shutter speed is to high you’ll suffer from a ‘jello’ effect. The ND filters block the light, lowering your cameras shutter speed smoothing out the footage.

I’ve flown the Mavic twice now, it’s so much more nimble than the old Phantom. With the Phantom 2 not connecting to a phone it’s quite different not having to guess what you’re filming. Below are some graded screen grabs for the flights. I’ve also included graded vs ungraded photos.

Having not wrote a blog post since January, the Mavic has certainly got me excited about shooting more content for myself! Stay tuned