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Visiting The Aokigahara Forest

By January 3, 2018Photo

Have you ever heard of the Aokigahara Forest? Also known as Japan’s suicide forest. I’d be surprised if you hadn’t after this week, vlogger Logan Paul visited the forest and filmed a corpse then shared it online.

To put in perspective how real this forest is, it’s the second most popular suicide location in the world behind San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, a total of 247 attempted suicide here in 2010 with 54 people losing their lives.

Suicide Forest
Behind the sad nature of the forest, it’s actually a beautiful place. The forest floor is mainly volcanic rock from Mount Fuji exploding in the 1700’s, causing the trees to grow back very dense giving the forest a name called ‘Sea of trees’.

As beautiful as the place is, it’s no JOKE!

We drove along the top road of the forest that leads to a lookout, along the way you find old abandoned cars and motorbikes. Towards the top two ambulances had just turned up and police were walking out of the forest wearing white jumpsuits. When we turned back around to go down the hill they had stretchers ready and carrying them into the forest. You read all about it but don’t actually expect to witness anything.

On the top side of the forest, there are walking tracks that lead down to the lake below called ‘Shoji-ko’, we went for a wander and found tape left on trees. People do this to find their way back in the dense forest without getting lost.

Suicide Forest
Suicide Forest

If it’s something that interests you I’d definitely recommend going and visiting the forest. Unlike Logan Paul, if you don’t want to see anything you don’t want to – stick to the walking tracks. The forest is no joke!