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January 2017

AE86 Version 2.0 Teaser | Hachiroku ハチロク

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If you’ve been subscribed to my Youtube channel for a while you would have seen Brodie’s driving and also his SR20 powered AE86 Sprinter.

Currently, his AE86 is a bare shell with a freshly welded in CAMS cage, it’s not often you get to see a car re-built from the ground up so we took the opportunity and started filming!

Our goal is to create a three part video series:

#1 – Finishing off the metal work, cage, tube front end, custom rear end etc.

 #2 – Bodywork, paint and prep work and body kit.

#3 – Finishing the car, getting it rolling, dash setup, fuel setup, engine back in etc.

There is also potential for a forth video depending on how popular these become!

 I hope you guys like the teaser! We’ve filmed the entire first video and starting the second soon.

Stay tuned.

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