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I Accidentally Found Fuji Speedway?!

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Late in 2017, I visited Japan again, I had never explored anywhere other than Tokyo and the areas around Ebisu Circuit. We had a spare day in Tokyo, so we decided to grab a hire car and drive around the base of Mount Fuji.

I did some research the day before to find some cool roads to drive, I ended up picking one called Mikuni Pass. It was awesome! Super tight roads up over the hills then it opens up on the other side as you come down with views of Mount Fuji and the lake below.

Mikuni Pass Mount Fuji

Oh yeah, and we accidentally found Fuji Speedway…

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Visiting The Aokigahara Forest

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Have you ever heard of the Aokigahara Forest? Also known as Japan’s suicide forest. I’d be surprised if you hadn’t after this week, vlogger Logan Paul visited the forest and filmed a corpse then shared it online.

To put in perspective how real this forest is, it’s the second most popular suicide location in the world behind San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, a total of 247 attempted suicide here in 2010 with 54 people losing their lives.

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Ebisu Circuit Autumn Drift Matsuri 2014 | エビス 秋のドリフト祭り

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Re-upload to Vimeo as YouTube has since blocked the audio on the orignal video, I hope you enjoy!

November 15 and 16th was Ebisu Circuit’s Autumn Drift Matsuri! A 36 hour non-stop drift event.
This was my 5th Matsuri I have attended and every time it’s awesome, I seriously can’t wait to get back haha.

This video is a short montage of what went on at Matsuri and a couple of days leading up to the event, check out my Facebook, website, and Instagram for photos from the week I was there.

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