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March 2016

Golden Hour | RPS13 Photoset

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Sunday afternoon drive to the middle of no where, I had been waiting all week to finally shoot my own car. I knew shooting at sunset/dusk would look pretty good on a red car plus I pictured it on a random country road so I went searching.


I probably took a little long as when I finally parked the sun was right on the hills but it still worked out well (I blame the service station for being closed hahah)

I actually don’t think I’ve shot a car this year, it’s been a pretty busy year already with work and pushing Brokenimage in the commercial market pretty hard so it was nice to go back to what I love!

The final specs of the car are almost what I wanted minus a Type X wing, I originally wanted silver but that takes twice as much prep and paint work so that wasn’t really in my budget or time frame. The car was red previously so it’s good to bring it back to life.

Type X kit (Minus wing)

+27mm Kmak non vented front fenders

+30mm Origin Tatakidashi rear fenders

Body line removed

Standard bonnet

Work XT7’s 17×9 + 12mm

I prepped the car myself with some help my friends to get it done in time, it somehow turned out pretty well. The paint we used also goes on quite thick which covered a lot up.

Heaps more stickers to still add from friends!

 I hope you guys enjoy, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram for more photos over time!

Instagram: @Brknimage

Facebook: facebook.com/Brokenimage.com.au/

PROGRESS | Painted and Caged.

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It only took a year but my car is now painted and has a half cage! 

With around a month until round 1 of the Tasmania Drift series, I decided I better drive and make my car look presentable. I bought it home and started sanding it and pulling it apart.

Before it went to the paint booth Brodie started my half cage, check out the photos below. I’ll be shooting the car sometime before round so stay tuned.