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2016 VicDrift Championship Round 3 | Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne

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Sunday, July 24th, 2016 was Round 3 of the Victorian Drift Series!

Once again it was held at Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne.

The round was the original ADGP layout, a fast scando entry into a left-hand corner, up the bank to the wall then a couple of manji’s to finish it off.

The day went sweet (One I finally got there, two canceled flights within two days was not ideal haha)

I was lucky enough for the weather to hold out also which was awesome.

Congratulations to the winners:

1st: Michael Bonney

2nd: Jason Ferron

3rd: John Dreyer

4th: Warwick Fitzgerald

Shoutout to Jess for filming with me on the day, and also Hawks for giving me a place to stay Sunday night once my flight was canceled.

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Taylor Wright Symmons Plains Drift | Qualified 3rd, Finished 3rd | VIDEO

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Last weekend was Drifting Tasmania’s Round 2 for 2016! Sorry for the delayed video, I’ve been trying to smash out some other projects before I do my own work.

I qualified 3rd for the day, both my runs felt terrible. The first run I spun on the last corner and the next I took it easy but it must have been online like the judges wanted.

Top 16 battle was against a guy called Craig, never met him before and he was a legend! It was also his first battle and he did awesomely. Lead run was spot on.

Top 8 was against Brendon Langdon in his R31 Skyline, has a gnarly sounding V8 in it also. I didn’t realize how much power it had until he left me for dead haha.

Top 4 was against Josh How, can never seem to get by this guy! I screwed up my lead run getting a little excited on the last corner throwing myself into the kitty litter.

The battle for 3rd was against Brendan Mansfield in a borrowed S13. If you watch closely in the video I get way too excited on the last corner. I held the car pinned with the clutch still in…. awesome work Taylor haha.

Overall I finished 3rd for the day and I think I’ve finally got Symmons plains Raceway sorted!

Thank you to Matt Boer from Inmotion Motorsport for the thumbnail photo.

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Also, thank you to LJ Hooker Hobart and Mates Rates Towing for the support this season!



2016 VicDrift Championship Round 2 | Calder Park Thunderdome, Melbourne

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Sunday, May 29th, 2016 VicDrift held Round 2 of the Victorian Drift Championship at Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne.

Round 2 was running on the ‘FD’ style a layout with a sweet up-bank entry onto a wall then into a technical tight section to finish off the track in front of the crowd.

I’m super pumped to be invited back for the third year running, always awesome catching up with everyone.

Congratulations to the winners:

1st: Stirling Wright

2nd: Khudr Elhaouli

3rd: Jason Ferron

4th: Michael Prosenik

Shout out to Richard and Jess for filming with me on the day!


The first song is Flurry by Hurley Mower – https://soundcloud.com/nedmowermusic/flurry

The second song is by a local Tassie band Luca Brasi – Aeroplane


Go buy their music!

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Sigma 24mm f/1.4 ART | Buy Or Not?

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 To buy or not to buy…

Once again Sigma has lured me in! After purchasing their 35mm 1.4 ART lens in October last year the thing doesn’t leave my camera. It’s an awesome lens and I’d much prefer it over a 50mm. To me a 50mm lens is awkward, I can never seem to get enough in the shot and after I crop/edit the photo the way I want the look I need just isn’t there.

I sold my 24-105mm f/4 a couple of months ago in order to buy a 24mm prime but then the drifitng season started and my money went straight to tyres, fuel and entry fee’s haha. This was about the time the Sigma 24mm hit the market so I was tossing up between Sigma and Canon.

I finally had a chance to test the Sigma 24mm yesterday! It’s very similar to my 35mm but a little shorter with a bit more girth. It feels way better the 35mm and not an awkward skinny lens. The results are similar also in the image, awesome contrast and a sweet depth of field (even for a wide angle lens)

The above shot is at f/1.6 and it’s still really sharp… It missed focus a little by going too far but that can be adjusted on my 5Dmkiii. The 24mm is crazy, depth of field plus wide angle gives a really good seperation between the focus point and the background, much better than the 35mm in my opinion.

For just under $1000 I think I will buy this lens, even though I haven’t tested the Canon I have a feeling this is better. It does lack a high aperture which suchs (Use a high aperture when panning with a low shutter speed) but a ND will fix that and it does lack weather sealing… lets hope I don’t get it too wet!

View the Hi-Res image here – https://www.flickr.com/photos/25614686@N03/17697358309/sizes/o/

Taylor Wright | Drifting Tasmania Round 1 2016 | 180sx In Car

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After not driving for 5 months and having a freshly painted car I was speaking about Round 1. After about an hour in the car, I was finally feeling pretty good putting the car where I wanted it!

I ended up qualifying 2nd out of 16 drivers behind Brodie Moore.

My first battle was a bye run due to cars dropping out. I was then up against Nathan Clark for the top 8. He drives an RB26 R32 Skyline and he’s always super consistent.

He destroyed me in the chase run and pulled away from me on the lead handing him the win.

Overall it was a sweet weekend and I’m stoked my car finally looks good with some paint!

I was testing some new tires and they certainly have less grip then what I’m used to, you can tell by how much I was on and off the throttle in my lead run. For next round, I’ll run a 235 in a different brand and hope it’s better!

Thank you to LJ Hooker Hobart for the support this season and Mates Rates towing helping out also! – http://hobart.ljhooker.com.au

Also thanks to Ryan Cooper for the cover photo – https://www.facebook.com/Rchingyimages

35mm Film Above NYC With #NYONAIR

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Ever been in a helicopter? Well I hadn’t until I visited New York City, it was hands down the coolest experience ever (Minus how frickin’ cold it was)

I found FlyNYON through one of Casey Neistat’s vlogs, so stoked I did because you actually get to hang out of a helicopter over NYC.

I packed two cameras – my 5DMKiii and a Canon 35mm film camera. Check out some shots below burned into 10 year expired 35mm film.

I hope you enjoy!

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Golden Hour | RPS13 Photoset

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Sunday afternoon drive to the middle of no where, I had been waiting all week to finally shoot my own car. I knew shooting at sunset/dusk would look pretty good on a red car plus I pictured it on a random country road so I went searching.


I probably took a little long as when I finally parked the sun was right on the hills but it still worked out well (I blame the service station for being closed hahah)

I actually don’t think I’ve shot a car this year, it’s been a pretty busy year already with work and pushing Brokenimage in the commercial market pretty hard so it was nice to go back to what I love!

The final specs of the car are almost what I wanted minus a Type X wing, I originally wanted silver but that takes twice as much prep and paint work so that wasn’t really in my budget or time frame. The car was red previously so it’s good to bring it back to life.

Type X kit (Minus wing)

+27mm Kmak non vented front fenders

+30mm Origin Tatakidashi rear fenders

Body line removed

Standard bonnet

Work XT7’s 17×9 + 12mm

I prepped the car myself with some help my friends to get it done in time, it somehow turned out pretty well. The paint we used also goes on quite thick which covered a lot up.

Heaps more stickers to still add from friends!

 I hope you guys enjoy, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram for more photos over time!

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PROGRESS | Painted and Caged.

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It only took a year but my car is now painted and has a half cage! 

With around a month until round 1 of the Tasmania Drift series, I decided I better drive and make my car look presentable. I bought it home and started sanding it and pulling it apart.

Before it went to the paint booth Brodie started my half cage, check out the photos below. I’ll be shooting the car sometime before round so stay tuned.

Shoot 35mm Film.

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Since buying a $20 35mm Canon Film camera in late 2014 I’ve really only used 3 rolls of film… That being said some of my favorite shots have been taken with it!

If you’re interested in photography certainly go out and buy yourself a second-hand film camera, it’s a massive learning curve as you actually have to plan the shot out before pressing the shutter button.

I made this mistake flying over NYC, I had my 5Dmkiii in one hand and film camera in the other, not thinking I was snapping shots just as quickly on both cameras. I was out of film before I knew it hahah.